«Trapped» is a Swiss feature film exploring alternative ways of low budget producing and financing. Partly supported by the fan community, we want to involve our target audience in the creation process. It’s from devoted filmmakers for enthused film lovers, fostering the great Swiss outdoors with young talents from the UK.


  • Philippe Weibel (Writer, Director, Producer)
  • Brian D. Goff (DoP)
  • Julia Morf (Production Management)
  • Rob King (Co-writer)
  • Melanie Albisser (Styling)
  • Wladimir Gelwich (Sound Engineer)
  • Roger Wegmann (Assistant)
  • Esther Sidler (Chef de cuisine)
  • Thomas Fischer (Music)
  • Martin Stäheli (Sound FX, Mix)


  • Oliver Walker (Greg)
  • David Osmond (Michael)
  • Sai Bennet (Emily)
  • Adrian Furrer (Special Appearance)

Making Of

  • Michael Kammermann (Producer)
  • Pascal Holzer (Presenter)