You can buy DVD's and cristal clear high definition downloads right here in our little webshop. Or visit your VOD supplier to get the downloads there. You will find Trapped in your local apple store (CH, UK, USA) or use viewster. Thank you for supporting our project.

Get the Trapped DVD with 5.1 surround sound and all the bonus material. English spoken with German and French subtitles (PAL only).  If you buy the DVD, you'll get a free download link for the main feature in full HD.

Price CHF 19.- (incl. HD download link and priority shipping in Europe)

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We have a special Christmas gift idea for you. Get 5 DVD's and make your friends happy. You will also get a HD download link for free.

Price CHF 75.- for 5 DVD's (incl. HD download and shipping in Europe)

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Get the main feature in Full HD (mp4). You will receive a download link after payment. Watch the film on your fantastic HD plasma, LCD or beamer. Download subtitles in German and French if needed.

Price CHF 11.- (instant download)

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